Mind Gym is a tool to solve serious business issues using “small portion” approach. 90 min sessions compress standard 1-2day training into interactive, comprehensive session full of practical tools and methodology, which are instantly applicable.

There is a big advantage in “small portion” approach: in 17% of cases, it leads to faster applicability in practice, in 30% of cases it`s cheaper. Financial results are almost 2 times more compared to traditional way of learning.

Ming Gym features:

  • Mind Gym handles efficiency by changing the way people think and learn
  • Each training is compressed into 90 min session full of practical technics
  • Mind Gym is especially valued by busy students. Also, one group is up to 20 participants
  • More than 80 types of sessions – “Achieve the result”, “Influence and convince”, “Stress regulation”, etc.
  • Inter-module sessions (Commitment, Enhancer) help further implementation at workplace
  • Find out more about MG on mindgym.ru