Technical Translators Professional Development program for KPO

In September-November 2014, Abiroy had delivered Technical Translators Professional Development program for KPO. There were 16 translators selected on this program. Initially, technical translators were divided into 2 groups:

• production & maintenance
• well operations sections.

The program was developed in order to help the delegates achieve a broad understanding of oil and gas industry including drilling technology, typical apparatuses (pumps, compressors, etc.) and technological equipment (separators, absorbers, heat exchangers) used in petroleum processing industry.

Additionally, a program was consist of the combination of introduction into oil and gas industry with training in oil and gas terminology (1500+ terms, 250+ definitions in English) and systematic and adapted presentation of material including complete cycle from field exploration to production of oil products.

All 16 technical translators successfully passed above program and were employed to KPO.


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