The program "Modern technologies of preparation and pumping oil" for employees Buzachi Operating Ltd

Abiroy had successfully delivered a Modern Oil Processing and Transportation Technologies training for two groups of process operators at Buzachi Operating Ltd. The training took place from 23.06.14 to 26.06.14.

The aim was to improve the competence of the personnel involved in oil processing and transportation.

The course topics included the principles of operation, design and use of the equipment, typical challenges and failure prevention tactics in relation to the equipment and systems used in processing and transportation of oil.

The course run in an interactive format whereby delegates asked questions most relevant to their day-to-day operational routines and all theoretical and practical aspects were analyzed by the trainer.

A Virtual Training System was used to develop practical skills, using which the course delegates could study 3D models of various equipment used in the plant. They also had an opportunity to practice a number of operations including process startup of two and three-phase separators after a simulated shutdown.

The course began with a preliminary test, aimed at assessing the existing knowledge of the course delegates as well as selecting the most effective mode of training. Upon completion of training, delegates were required to attempt a final test to assess the change in competence and knowledge level.

The test results have shown a noticeable increase in the level of knowledge and skills of the course delegates; this will indeed contribute to the improvement of performance by operational personnel.

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