KPO b.v. in conjuction with Abiroy successfuly conducted the "Major Hazards Awareness" interactive course for their employees.

This course covers the broad aspects of HSE, helping the participants to understand all known dangerous risk factors, in order to avoid any accidents at work in future.

THe course is delivered for a big group of participants (30-50 persons) on specially equipped training area. For more efficiency, participants are divided into 2 groups and instructors give them separate tasks covered from two parties (client - contractor, offenders - victims, etc.).

In addition to theoretical materials, participants are involved into specially developed exercises associated with emergency response to external situations and accidents. Specially trained actors (either selected among the company staff or invited from outside) act in production incidents scenes, written exclusively for this course. After the scene is played, participants start the discussion. They also can be involved into scenes, for example, work with families of victims, the media, government agencies, board of directors, etc.

Also during the course participants watch different picture shots about the accidents that have occured in the world over the last 50-60 years (Piper Alpha, Texas City, etc.)

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