Training employees KuatAmlonMunai in the city of Kyzylorda

Abiroy delivered a series of training courses for Kuatamlonmunia employees in Kyzylorda back in March 2014, including the following:

  • Pump and Compressor Maintenance for maintenance technicians 
  • New Equipment and Processes in Oil Production for drilling assistants 
  • Mechanized Production Techniques for oil and gas operators 
  • Oil and Gas Equipment Maintenance for oil and gas process operators 

The aim of the training courses was to familiarize the delegates with modern oil production processes and techniques as well as update their hands on skills in pump and compressor maintenance.

There was a total of 79-course delegates and the same series of courses is planned for their back-to-backs in April 2014.

Pieces of training were delivered by qualified tutors with a vast experience both in training and production work.


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