Operation and Maintenance of Oil Quantity and Quality Metering Systems

On the March 20, Abiroy launched an ‘Operation and Maintenance of Oil Quantity and Quality Metering Systems’ training for PETROM in Tasbulat field.

This training features hands-on approach and aims at enhancing the competence of personnel involved in the operation of oil quantity and quality metering systems, including maintenance of various types of equipment such as instrumentation, piston pipe provers, sampling devices and computers.

Courses run primarily in the client’s process facilities with all precautions are taken to ensure health and safety of a trainer and course delegates.

Accessibility of the actual equipment for practical sessions helps utilize specific scenarios whereby existing personnel have the opportunity to deal with actual operational issues.

Students use standby equipment, spare parts and accessories to practice operation of the oil quantity and quality metering system.

Students use live equipment to perform tasks related to taking readings and measurements. This helps evaluate the performance of the operators and process, metrology and instrument technicians.

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